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            China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition
            China International Door Industry Exhibition

            March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

            About Exhibition

            About Innovation-driven, wisdom to win the future

            Build a high-value ecosystem in the home furnishing industry

            The CIDE show will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall) from March 19 to 22, 2023. This exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, 6 major themed exhibition areas, and layout of customized home furnishing and door industry upstream and downstream industrial chain categories. On the basis of the six major sectors, we will strengthen the whole-house refurbishment, integrated high-end customization of door and wall cabinets (overall solution for modern home improvement) and other high-quality products with sub-themes.

            Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission

            As an annual industry event held in the capital Beijing every spring, China International Door Industry Exhibition and China International Integrated Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition (referred to as "CIDE Beijing Door Industry and Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition") began in 2002 and is known as "leading The vane and booster of the development of the industry" is a practical promoter and witness of the prosperity of the door industry and custom home furnishing market. The exhibition takes "building an important platform for high-end customization trends in China's decoration industry" as its mission and is driven by the new concept of "customization, innovation, design, and vitality", aiming to practice green and low-carbon development with the power of the platform and promote the sustainable development of the home furnishing industry .

            Diversified channels, digitally driven

            Reflecting on the post-epidemic industrial development, the home furnishing industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. CIDE Beijing Door Industry and Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition actively explores new paths and new models for empowering the industry under the new situation. Internally, expand business areas, develop diversified new products, and continuously adjust and upgrade service models; externally, accelerate the process of digital transformation and upgrading, and create an online display that integrates APP (exhibition and trade), corporate WeChat, community, and small programs. , communication, service platform, and empower exhibitors and audiences through online live broadcasts, cloud exhibitions, business matching and other activities.

            Diversified development, cross-border integration

            Adhering to diversified development and cross-border integration, CIDE 2023 will aim to gain insight into the needs of customers in the door industry and custom home furnishing industry. Mainstream home design media and other upstream and downstream business resources of the whole industry chain are efficiently connected and exchanged, and a high-value ecosystem of the home furnishing industry that integrates business, brand, design, marketing, innovation and other links is interconnected.

            120,000㎡ exhibition area 6 themed exhibition areas 100,000+ estimated number of visitors 1000+ exhibitors

            1. Exhibition time and place

            Exhibition time: March 19-22, 2023

            Venue: Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall) (No. 88, Tianzhu Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing)

            2. Exhibition area and range of exhibits

            ◆ Brand home furnishing exhibition area:

            Well-known domestic and foreign complete decoration, high-end customization, wooden doors, original design customized products (wardrobes, cabinets, wall panels, cloakrooms), etc.;

            ◆ The whole custom exhibition area:

            Door and wall cabinet integrated solution;

            ◆ Low carbon life + future home custom space exhibition area:

            Indoor wooden doors, custom furniture, stairs, tatami, etc.;

            ◆ High-end entry door/system doors and windows/smart home exhibition area:

            High-end entry doors, system doors and windows, smart homes, etc.;

            ◆ New doors and windows exhibition area:

            New doors and windows, system doors and windows, smart home systems, hardware lock control, etc.;

            ◆ New material/new technology and intelligent equipment exhibition area:

            Environmental protection coatings, auxiliary materials and accessories, automatic control technology and accessories; household manufacturing equipment, complete sets of automation equipment, etc.

            3. Booth rental charges

            Booth Type

            Standard booth

            (Minimum 9㎡)

            Raw space booth

            (Minimum 36㎡)

            Booth Price

            RMB 1200元/㎡

            RMB 1000元/㎡

            Standard booth configuration

            Each 9 ㎡ shell scheme includes: three panels,  carpet, 1 information desk, 1 glass round table,4  chairs, 4 spotlights, 1 power socket (220V. 5A), fascia  board with company name.

            Raw space booth configuration

            The raw space booth includes the usable area and usable space during the exhibition period, but does not include the booth configuration.

            4. The exhibition procedures

            1. Exhibitors choose booth and exhibition area.

            2. Exhibitors need to sign an exhibition contract with the organizer, sign and seal, and then fax or mail it to the exhibition organizer.

            3. The organizer will arrange the booth according to the principle of "signing the contract, paying and confirming".

            4. The exhibitor will fax the telegraphic transfer certificate to the organizer, and the organizer will mail/mail the "Exhibitor Manual" and "Exhibition Confirmation" 2 months before the start of the exhibition.

            5. The deadline for registration is December 31, 2022. The organizer reserves the right to adjust some booths.


            5. About CIEC GL events

            CIEC GL events (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is an exhibition company jointly established by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation and GL events from France.

            CIEC GL events is committed to organizing exhibitions in building materials, door industry, wallpaper, wall cloth, home furnishing, heating, ventilation and sanitation. The total exhibition area in China is more than 700,000 square meters per year, serving over 800,000 trade visitors.

            The Group is a world-class provider of integrated solutions and services for events operating across the three main market segments: conventions, conferences, congresses; cultural, sports and political events; trade shows / B2B and B2C exhibitions and consumer fairs. GL events' activities are organised into three major business divisions. GL events Live provides a complete range of services for corporate, institutional and sports events and offers turnkey solutions from consulting and design to staging the event itself. GL events Exhibitions manages and coordinates the Group's portfolio of more than 300 proprietary trade fairs covering a wide range of sectors: food industry, culture, textiles/fashion, manufacturing... GL events Venues manages a network of 50 venues (convention and exhibition centres, concert halls and multi-purpose facilities) in France and international destinations. Present on five continents with operations in more than 20 countries, GL events has 4,600employees. The Group is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment B (midcaps).



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